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Rim Trail at Mount Nebo State Park Restored

Arkansas State Parks has completed the restoration and improvement project for the Rim Trail at Mount Nebo State Park in Dardanelle with support from the Walton Family Foundation and the Arkansas Parks and Recreation Foundation (APRF). The completed project initiates a new era for the popular, 86-year-old hiking trail by adding it to the state’s growing system of Monument Trails.

Rock Solid Trail Contracting, the firm that helped develop the 25-mile master plan for trails at Mount Nebo State Park, completed the substantial rehabilitation work to restore the trail to its original glory and improve the hiking experience for visitors.

Originally built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1933, the trail has long been a fixture at the state’s second-oldest park.

The Monument Trails, a collaboration between Arkansas State Parks, the Arkansas Parks and Recreation Foundation (APRF), and the Walton Family Foundation, is a world-class trail system including trails at Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area, Pinnacle Mountain State Park, Devil’s Den State Park, and Mount Nebo State Park.

photo courtesy of Arkansas Tourism and Arkansas State Parks


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