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Gobble, Gobble: Tripadvisor Says Over Half of Americans Will Travel This Thanksgiving Holiday

Tripadvisor, the world's largest travel platform, released findings from its Thanksgiving Travel Index for 2020, providing insights into where Americans are traveling for the holiday.

The big takeaway is that despite COVID-19 concerns, more than half - 56 percent - of Americans still intend to travel this Thanksgiving.

Recent Tripadvisor site data shows Key Largo, Fla., Sedona, Ariz., Key West, Fla, .and Scottsdale, Ariz., have increased in popularity since last year's holiday and are recovering from the pandemic much faster than other U.S. travel destinations. Alternatively, central cities, such as New York City, New Orleans, Los Angeles and Nashville have decreased in popularity for Thanksgiving year-over-year, and they are not recovering as quickly.

By the Numbers: 2020 Thanksgiving Travel Trends

  • Travel is down, but 56 percent of Americans are still traveling this Thanksgiving (down 14 percent year-over-year).

  • Road trips vs. flying remains popular: Over three-fourths (76 percent) will drive to their destination, and only 11 percent of Americans will fly to their Thanksgiving table.

  • Socially distant stays: 22 percent are staying in a hotel or vacation rental to practice social distancing from friends and family.

  • When to watch the roads: Day-of and day-after

    • The busiest departure day will be Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 26), when 26 percent of travelers will hit the road.

    • Many travelers who are not leaving the day of are extending their trip, with 43 percent traveling the weekend before Thanksgiving (Fri., Nov. 20 - Sun., Nov. 22).

    • The busiest return day will be Fri., Nov. 27, with 31 percent of travelers heading home the day after Thanksgiving.


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