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Working Remotely? Check Out Natchez, Mississippi's Shift South Incentive Program

The historic river town, Natchez, Mississippi, has launched Shift South, a remote worker incentive program, that encourages relocation of workers who have the ability to work remotely. This incentive programs offers eligible workers up to $6,000 to offset relocation expenses when they move to Natchez or Adams County.

Historic Natchez offers a low cost of living with a high quality of living. From the arts, history, outdoor recreation, festivals, dining and entertainment; the Natchez region holds a place for all cultures. The city has even earned the reputation of Biscuit Capital of the World.

With a commitment to purchase a home in Natchez/Adams County valued no less than $150,000, while continuing to work with an employer located outside the Natchez region, Natchez, Inc will offer a cash incentive up to $6,000 to off set relocation expenses and assist with the first year’s cost of living.

Residents of Natchez enjoy kayaking in the Mississippi River, historic homes, African American history and some of the best cuisine in the south.

The purpose of this program is to grow the Natchez/Adams County community by attracting those individuals who can work from home and enjoy the unique quality of life along the bluff of the Mississippi River. The destination is currently welcoming visitors who travel responsibly.


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