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Free "Travel Safe" Kits at Tennessee Welcome Centers

Visitors who stop at any of the 16 Tennessee Welcome Centers can pick up a free “travel safe” kit with Tennessee-branded masks and hand sanitizer, along with travel information and safety reminders. Seven billboards will be live for the next month across the state to alert travelers to the free “travel safe” kits. Over 150,000 kits will be distributed on a first-come basis.

In October 2020, Tennessee Department of Tourist Development (TDTD), launched its “For the Love” campaign urging residents and visitors to play it safe by wearing masks, practicing social distancing and sanitization as recommended by the CDC.

Tennessee’s Welcome Centers put several safety precautions in place since March 2020 to protect staff and visitors; including increased sanitization, reduced touchpoints, sneeze guards, digital comment cards and enhanced displays to provide travel information and important safety messages. Tennessee’s Welcome Centers remained open during the pandemic to serve as an essential rest break for travelers.

The state’s welcome centers see about 15 million visitors each year.

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